Top Performance Cars from James Bond Films

November 12, 2015

When it comes to cars, nobody does it better than James Bond.

The world’s most famous spy has always had the fastest, the coolest and the most gadget-filled cars throughout all of his movies. Even if you’re not a fan of these movies, you’re sure to appreciate his various modes of transportation. This spy knows how to get around.

With the release of the latest James Bond film, “Spectre,” we at Astro Performance Warehouse knew performance car owners and others would enjoy a look at his top rides. Here are five:

Aston Martin DB10 prototype

James Bond has such a way about him that the world’s finest car manufacturers love making exclusive prototype cars for him. The sleek Aston Martin DB10 prototype seen in “Spectre” is one of only 10 made. Eight of those were used in the movie and two are show cars. And word has it that its value on the street is $4.6 million. Aston Martin has been featured in 12 of the 24 Bond films. Check out this video clip to learn more about this car and to see the DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75 race through the streets of Rome. As director Sam Mendes describes it, “It’s a cat-and-mouse game through the nighttime streets of Rome, at great speeds, between two of the fastest cars in the world, neither of which you’ve ever seen before.”

Aston Martin DB5

This is the car that started it all. It’s known as one of the most recognizable cars in the history of film. It’s the quintessential James Bond car.  It has been featured in Goldfinger (1965), Thunderball (1965), GoldenEye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Casino Royale (1967) and Skyfall (2012). The special-effects team added a large array of gadgets to the car, including an ejector seat, machine guns and a smoke screen. Talk about your upgrades, wow! Aston Martin is celebrating 50 years with Bond this year. 

Lotus Esprit

Who can forget the famous Lotus Esprit S1 that was used in the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me,” starring Roger Moore as Bond? In the film’s chase sequence, the Esprit covered land, air and even water! Yes, water. As you recall, Bond was able to transform the Lotus into a mini-submarine with just the touch of a button as he drove off a pier, escaping villains once again. The car was lost for many years but was purchased for nearly $1 million in 2013 by Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk, who hopes to make its transformation capabilities a reality, according to this article. Lotus created two street-legal vehicles for the film and six Esprit body shells, one of which was sealed for use in the underwater scenes.

Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota 2000GT was Bond’s first supercar so, of course, it made our list of top cars here at Astro Performance Warehouse. It is regarded as the most beautiful Japanese car of all time. Only 351 of these vehicles were produced by Toyota from 1967 to 1970 and only the one used in the 1967 film “You Only Live Twice” had a drop-top. Yes, the 2000GT roadster was one of a kind, just like Bond.

Ford Mustang Mach 1

No list of top Bond cars would be complete without the American muscle car, the Ford Mustang. The 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was used in “Diamonds are Forever,” the same year. Who can forget its famous chase scene with the Mach 1 on two wheels? But instead of the back two wheels, it was two side wheels that helped the vehicle squeeze through an alley to evade police in Las Vegas.

What do you think of these top James Bond performance cars? Which is your favorite? Comment below or reach out to us on any of our social media channels. Are you in need of a new drive train or transmission for your Ford Mustang or other performance car? Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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