T-5 Road Race 5th Gear Set .80 Ratio


.80 Road Race 5th Gear Set for Ford T-5 World Class 5 Speed

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New T-5 "World Class" 5th Gear Set for Ford Mustang 28 Spline Output Shaft.  5th Gear Set provides a Road Race 5th Ratio when installed.
-3.35 1st Gear Ratio T-5 (Found in all 1985-95 Ford Mustang 5.0L) will have a .92 Road Race Overdrive when using this 5th Set.
-2.95 1st Gear Ratio T-5 (Aftermarket 2.95 Z-Spec Transmission) will have a .807 Road Race Overdrive when using this 5th Set.


-Only works on Ford 28 Spline World Class Output Shafts

-5th Mainshaft Gear Internal Splines are very "tight" from Manufacturer.  It is recommended to either Shot-Peen both the Internal Spline of 5th Mainshaft Gear as well as the Outer Splines of Output Shaft to insure only a 1-Ton Press Fit is achieved. If the Gear is pressed on with more effort it puts the 5th Mainshaft Gear at higher risk of "splitting/cracking" upon installation and/or being ran.
-5th Mainshaft Gear Diameter is so "Large" that the Tailshaft Housing needs modified internally or the O.D. of 5th Gear will touch/rub the housing.  An Air Grinder or Dremmel will do the trick of taking additional material off to have proper clearance.  Since the Guide Plate isn't located above the 5th Gear in a Mustang Tailshaft Housing, it makes it easier.  Whereas someone wanting to use a S10 T-5 Tailshaft Housing has to be extra careful when modifying area as if the Detent Guide Plate becomes "loose" in the opening it presses into, the housing becomes trashed at that point.
-We include an O.E. Snap Ring to secure the 5th Mainshaft Gear to Output Shaft as the Aftermarket Snap Ring included in Most T-5 Rebuild Kits will "stretch" when opened up to apply to snap ring groove on mainshaft.  A loose fit snap ring attempting to hold 5th gear to output shaft is not a good mix.  The amount of side thrust exerted on 5th mainshaft gear can cause the snap ring to "pop-off" under load causing end user to loose 5th Gear altogether.


-Shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 2 Days of Item being Purchased and Paid For. Freight is calculated into price of 5th Set for Domestic Shipments (shipments made within continental U.S.).  Shipments outside of U.S. will be collected before shipment is made.  Payment for Freight will be requested via Paypal Request.

-Subject to a 15% Restocking Fee
-Customer responsible for original Ship To Freight & Return Freight of Goods
-Used Goods or Goods returned to us that are not equal to the way they were sold and/or marketed will NOT receive credit/refund.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 6 in


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