Stepped Design 1st & Rev. on Cluster (Late Design)
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Countershaft/Cluster Gear (2004-10)


Updated Cluster Gear found in 2004-10 Mustang TR-3650 (Stepped 1st & Rev)

Product Description


Good Used Cluster Gear for 2004-10 Ford Mustang 4.6L.

Tooth Counts on Cluster Gear from 4th to Reverse/1st Gear are: 40T (4th) - 35T (3rd) - 23T (2nd) - 14T (Reverse & 1st).  This Cluster Gear shares the exact same tooth counts as its earlier version, 2/01-2003 Ford Mustang 4.6L TR-3650 5 Speed.  However, the difference can be physically found by the "step" featured on 1st & Reverse.  This "Step" is where the two gears (1st & Reverse) are separated.  If you rub your finger across the surface of the 1st and Reverse Cluster it can be felt on this design cluster being marketed. The older version (2/01-2003) did not have this "Step" featured. As one can see this listing is for a Good Used Cluster. NEW O.E. CLUSTER GEARS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. This holds true for both design of Cluster Gears found in the 2/01-2010 Ford Mustang 4.6L TR-3650. End User can use the Later Design Cluster shown here in the earlier 2/01-2003 Mustang 4.6L TR-3650 in the event Cluster is damaged/worn.  But, pay attention to the next paragraph.

This Cluster Gear is considered the "Updated" Design found in all of the 2004-2010 Ford Mustang 4.6L TR-3650. The earlier design (2/01-2003) was replaced with this Updated Cluster Gear as long as the Later Design (2004-10) 1st Mainshaft Gear (Part# TCEE1846), Reverse Mainshaft Gear/Slider/Hub/Cone (Part# TCKT1931), and Reverse Idler Gear (Part# TCEN1850) were purchased and installed.

Picture of Product is NOT of actual product being sold.  It is a picture of a Brand New One that was available at one time that provided for the best comparison for the end user to be able to compare vs original they will replace.


This gear is shipped with Freight already included in Price of Component for anyone in the Continental U.S.  Freight Charge Included is for UPS or Fedex Ground Service. Can take up to 6 Days Transit once shipped.  Average handling time to ship this product out is 2 Business Days from date of purchase.

Expedited Freight is available. But, at an additional charge. Anyone wanting Expedited Freight need to consider & do the following:

-Expedited Freight is available on "Stocked Items" only.  Please note that just because the website says the product is available, it doesn't mean 100% it is.  This is due to the amount of gearbox builds we perform with multiple builders constantly pulling components from shelf and the gearbox components for that build not necessarily being billed out in a timely manner.  It is always a Great Idea to email to check Availability before purchase.

-Expedited Freight is performed thru Fedex Express Air, USPS Express Air, and UPS Air Services.  USPS Express & UPS Air Services are picked up from our warehouse Monday thru Friday at 4:00pm EST. Fedex Express Air is picked up at 4:15pm EST.  Regardless of what Service end user picks, it is important to get either an email in to our sales department requesting freight quote before 2:00pm EST for shipment the same day. Please email for Availability and Expedited Freight Charges.

-Both Expedited Freight Charges & International Freight Charges are Quoted and Billed out separately from the charge of Product Purchased on Website. Astro Performance Warehouse will send a "Request for Payment" thru Paypal to Email Address that the Quote & Availability Question is sent from. CUSTOMER MUST PAY ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGE BEFORE PRODUCT IS SHIPPED!


-Not Accepted on Good Used Parts
-Read Description and completely understand product before purchasing

Additional Information

Dimensions 19 x 4 x 4 in




Car Year

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010


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